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Background material that may help you to get to know more about energy-efficient construction, ecological building materials and related issues.


Best practice examples

Best practice adaptation strategy

Aspects of ecologic construction materials

  • Aspects of ecologic construction materials
  • R. Stanek/B. Lipp (2010): Modeling of buildings using conventional and ecological materials: Evaluation of the eco-performance of buildings. [3]
  • D. Indriksone et al. (2011): Recommendation for using ecological construction materials in the Baltic States [4]
  • A list of training courses covering ecological construction [5]
  • A commented list of publications in Estonia, Germany, Latvia, and Lithuania on the use of ecological construnction materials [6]

Handbook on ecological construction materials

  • D. Indriksone et al. (2011): A handbook and training material: Ecology of construction materials [7]
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